September 8, 2011

  • 9-11 wasn’t “all that”


    An Honest Look Back

    09/08/2011 08:20pm

    December 2004: an earthquake under the Pacific causes a massive tsunami which leaves 230,000 people dead in Indonesia.

    October 2005: 79,000 perish after an earthquake in Kashmir.

    May 2008: a cyclone hits Myanmar, killing 146,000. Less than two weeks later an earthquake in Sichuan Province, China ends another 87,000 lives.

    January 2010: 316,000 die when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti.

    March 2011: a 9.0 magnitude quake hits Japan killing nearly 16,000.


    It’s a fair bet that if you are an American you have little, if any, recollection of the above events. We are quick to dismiss the misfortune of those who don’t salute our flag with a simple “Gee, that’s too bad” before turning our shallow interests to the Kardashians or American Idol. Yet seemingly not a day goes by when we don’t pay mind to the so-called “tragic events” of September 11th, 2011. While the loss of 3,000 lives was certainly unfortunate, it pales in comparison to any of the above natural disasters whose victims were truly innocent. The same cannot exactly be said of 9-11’s casualties. Preoccupied with fueling their Escalades at the cheapest price possible, they stood silent to their government’s atrocities around the globe. While they may not have deserved to die, they, like the rest of us, were at least contributorily responsible for what happened that day.

    I think I speak for all those brave enough to have taken an honest look when I admit that we basically had 9-11 coming to us. That is not to say that Al Qaeda was justified in their actions. Putting aside our pride and our patriotism, however, you can certainly understand why they might feel they were. After all, you can only keep brutal dictators in power so long before those they oppress rise up and attempt to discourage your further support. Likewise, you can only deprive children of food and medicine through an unconscionable embargo for so long before parents start to seek revenge for their dead kids. And, it goes without saying, you can only arm and train terrorists to do your dirty work for so long before they begin using their skills and weapons to terrorize you. Given our guilt of all the above, we should actually have a certain degree of gratitude for the considerable restraint Al Qaeda showed us.

    On this particular anniversary, let us finally look past the last ten years of self pity and arrogance to see September 11th for what it truly was – the consequences of our own sins. Let us not have glee for the death of Osama bin Laden but rather sympathy for a tragic victim of circumstance who did what he thought was right for the sake of his people. Let us not celebrate the retaliatory violence inflicted by our military but rather mourn the innocent men, women, and children whose lives were ended by it. No, let us not look back with anger and vengeance but instead with empathy and compassion, and a firm resolve to improve the moral character of this nation so that Al Qaeda’s warriors will not have reason to attack us. Further, let us commit this election season to finally ridding our government of the Christian extremists that have alienated us from our Islamic friends around the world.

    The desperate souls who attacked us on 9-11 didn’t do so because they wanted war. They did so because we denied them peace. Let us finally grant them what they seek.


    Rabbanā Fāghfir Lanā Dhunūbanā Wa Kaffir `Annā Sayyi’ātinā Wa Tawaffanā Ma`al-’Abrār .



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Comments (162)

  • Although I agree that there are a lot of natural disasters that have taken many innocent lives and more than those who died on 9/11 no one deserves to pay for the sins of others but those who have committed the sin. Many are sinners but innocent lives for the work of the sinners isn't  justice, sorry. 

  • @pinktiger335 - That's not exactly what I said. My point is that the people who attacked us on 9-11 were victims too. They were pushed into desperation by the actions of our government which in turn was driven by the greed and self indulgent nature of the American people.

  • I'm a foraigner so I better keep my mouth shut about this...

  • i understand your point but imagine you have two mothers.  one mother loses all five of her children in a car accident.  now imagine the second mother who lost one child in a car accident.  do you tell the second mother the death of her child is less significant because it involved less children?

  • @TheTheologiansCafe - He's not saying it's less significant, he's saying that if you're going to take 9-11 seriously it's best to not be ignorant of the rest of the world's problems and take them just as seriously. What you're accusing him of doing is exactly what Americans are doing in the reverse - Americans hold 9-11 up on a pedestal when far more devastating things in magnitude have happened that are out of people's control, and Americans simply shrug over it and move on with their lives because it doesn't affect them directly.

    We always preach about "never forgetting 9-11" yet you don't see an American preaching that about any other disaster, natural or otherwise. They're self centered.

  • there is a huge difference between natural disasters and an intentional attack of terrorism. Your introduction is a terrible comparison.

  • What he thought was right for his people meant terrorizing, abusing and murdering them.  Hell of a victim role, you've got there.

  • The fact that we care more about 9/11 than natural disasters around the world is simply because it happened to us. If a massive earthquake killed 100,000 in the US we would probably have a memorial for that too. It's human nature to care more about oneself than others thousands of miles away.

    To say we "had it coming" really should be directed to our government. Innocent civilians died - they had no part in who we were selling our weapons to, or the policies that have distorted international trade markets and eviscerated the local economies in other nations.

    And finally I have read that quite a few of the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists often come from wealthy families, are well educated and then radicalized (whether through social groups etc...) This may be due to the political atmosphere in their nation or empathy towards their fellow countrymen. (I don't know, I'm not too well-versed in radicalizing people to become Islamic fundamental terrorists.) But I read quite a few came from privileged backgrounds and not necessarily from the poverty/hardship caused by our influence overseas.

  • "It’s a fair bet that if you are an American you have little, if any, recollection of the above events."

    The moment all the events you've listed happened, it made news around the world and we heard about them. You can't lump all Americans in one misinformed notion.

    "I think I speak for all those brave enough to have taken an honest look when I admit that we basically had 9-11 coming to us.

    Whether the US had it coming or not is irrelevant. Just as whether or not the US had it coming for the attack on Pearl Harbor. People died. I've taken an honest look and that it could happen at the time. Still, I'd rather that it did not happen. You don't speak for me.

    I'm not even patriotic and I find this offensive. I wasn't even born here.

  • I cannot compare the two, life is life, and a loss of life no matter how you cut it is tragic. 9/11 doesn't seem MORE tragic to me because I'm an American citizen (for the time being) but it does affect me because I lost a friend on the first plane.

  • I don't agree with this post. Tragedy is tragedy no matter how big or small. If I lost someone in 9/11 I probably would make a big deal about this day too, just like parents with an autistic child usually are very supportive of raising awareness for that disorder. However, I do think America has a way of "beating certain topics to death." I mean look at how long Michael Jackson's death was talked about. And, they started talking about this 9/11 anniversary a week before the official date of the anniversary is. 

    But, reading your post conveyed to me that there's a deeper reason behind why 9/11 isn't a super huge deal to you...that's probably because I'm a psych major though, thus, I analyze people : p

  • Dear Idiot, 

    The above list were NATURAL DISASTERS the THE TOWERS were and Act of War. Before you spout get your head out of your ass and know what you are talking about!SMILESGRIM

  • Yes, we move on when tragedies happen to other countries because we can and they can't. They don't move on because their houses were destroyed, their families torn apart. We often do help out. But we can't grieve for someone we don't know all that well. Also, those were not man made incidents in the list above. Nobody can control tsunamis. We remember 9/11 because it was a MASS MURDER. It was shocking, horrifying, and an act of war. Though people in say California weren't attacked that day our country was... It made us fear. I think we need to remember 9/11 more than the tsunami in Japan (though I do remember it just fine), because we need to learn from it Our country DOES (minus a few losers that are in every country) sympathize with other countries. More than just sympathize too.  

  • I'd like to have a take on those victims of natural disasters. I bet they are remembering their tragedies and have all but forgotten about 9/11 too. It's called ethnocentrism, it isn't some sort of new fangled idea that sprung up within the last ten years. 

    That being said, we can't be in mourning forever. That is letting the terrorists/mother nature win. We must move forward, be progressive, and try to live as those who perished would want us to. 

  • I'm not American and glad I don't live there tbh, and I have no understanding for the terrorists really. I understand that horrible things happen, but if it's done by humans we know it could have been more easily prevented than a natural disaster. This causes a lot of grief and frustration in addition to the loss that people feel. I didn't lose anyone and I'm not patriotic, but I find it horrible that this COULD happen. Wether someone  has a heart attack or a car accident or died in a tsunami or a war...that's all sad and tragic, but these people were a victim of human cruelty.  

  • @xxGetWellSoonxx - I bet you do not remember the dates of Hiroshima and Nagasaki off the top of your head.

    And I think people kind of missed the point of this entry.

  • @Paul_Partisan - Of course not! There's SO many dates that I don't remember. I think that's why America makes students take history from elementary school all the way up through college, because they know we can't remember when things happen : p

    So, what's your point?

  • It's one thing to realize you are vulnerable to natural disasters. It's something else to realize you are vulnerable to mass destruction caused by other humans.

    9/11 stands out because it made Americans realize there is a large group of human beings that feels justified in blowing us up to make a point (about western values, American involvement in foreign political issues, or what have you). I think that's why 9/11 gets so much more consideration than the natural disasters you listed. It didn't have to happen, but it was done to us by people because of who we are, and it forced us to question and reinforce our identity as a nation. Natural disasters don't necessarily do that.

    Not to downplay the impact of natural disasters. It's just different when you know that the disaster happened as a result of human disagreement, rather than as a result of nature being the way it is.

  • @xxGetWellSoonxx -If "tragedy is tragedy", why don't you know those dates?

  • Although I agree that more people died in the natural disasters that were listed, I think that what makes 9/11 so horrendous is the fact that humans were attacking humans and those who were attacking us also killed themselves. The fact that murder and suicide were wrapped into one, makes it a notable tragedy.

  • @raspberryjade - I agree with you! The others couldn't be helped this attack was an outright tragedy that didn't need to happen.
    PLUS Making the victims villains makes it more distasteful.

  • Everything about this is heartbreaking.  Everyone has different things that they hold close and dear to them.  I wasn't even alive and I'm American but I'll never forget Hiroshima, They were bombed.  What a tradegy!?  I didn't even see that posted.  Anything where anyone is attacking other HUMANS is tragic.  Natural Disasters are tragic.  There are billions of people in this world.  One person can do so much to remember and memorialize one thing.  If I tried to do everything for every event I think I would die of exhaustion because there isn't enough time in the world to get it all done.  We need to depend on others to do their part and maybe not hold 9/11 so close to their heart because so many others are and they can spend their time on something else. 

  • Americans, your 9/11, is the terror Palestinians have to live through 24/7. Wake the fuck up and stop being such a bunch of ignorant, indignant, conceited fucks. Patriotism is all very well, but when it grows to the point of stupidity, it's rather embarrassing.

  • Im an american. I Remember those events... all heartbreaking.

    Its sad that you lump all Americans in to what you did.

    *sigh* -_- for the rest of your post.... and the ending....
    no. I can't.  

    not bc of 9/11 but the after events... ive lost to many friends.

  • @JinnLedet - I know... I feel so badly for the Palestinians... :(

  • I understand where you are coming from that there were other many disaters that took many innocent lives but you clearly specified natural disaters there is nothing no one we can blame for this misfortune, while in 9/11 evil people actually planned this event they took the lives of 3,000 people that werent meant to die it was a man made disaster if i can say that i hope you understand where im coming from in justifiying 9/11 these people were attacked my men where in nature nothing we can do but cope with it and do all we can do to help those people ot

  • You summed all up pretty neatly.

  • This post is both ignorant and offensive. Why? I bet you can't list every kind of disaster with every single date and how many people died in that tragic event. Its terrible that we loose people to both natural disasters and acts of war but this has been going on sense the dawn of time! Do you really expect EVERYONE to remember EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE? Get a hobby.

  • I see what you're saying, and I see that America and others are not innocent but, I just can't agree that the U.S. was deserving of a hit like 9/11, or we "had it coming". I mean, that WAS an act of war. Petitions, voting against, demanding the freedom through picketing embassies, not conforming, okay, but crashing planes into buildings... no.  Perhaps you don't remember the U.S. helping Afghanistan in the 9 year war between Afghanistan and at the time, the Soviet Union. We provided them with enough supplies including the "smart bomb", which was instrumental in shooting down their helicopters. After that we spent years helping Afghanistan rebuild.

    Then in 1990 the Taliban was started, where a faction was started in Afghanistan.

    Pakistan and the U.S. are both fighting the Taliban, not all Afghans support the Taliban either (I know you're not saying they are). My point is, why take the side of people who have resorted in acts of terrorism, why, in a round about way try to rationalize what they did as being an act of desperation, like they had no other choice, the U.S. put them in a corner and they had to fight their way out. Most everyone is against them. They advocate hate and call it love for Allah. No way. Their victims, the U.S and other countries are the ones that got a slap in the face (proven by links above). Not from all in these said countries but from the Taliban and their supporters.

    I do agree that people in the US in general are very self-centered as well as centered in the things that aren't so important. I do agree that many US citizens are arrogant and boastful of how awesome the US is, and that's annoying. I agree we as a population should look a little more out than in. But, then again this country HAS done a lot for other countries outside ourselves, and will never ask for anything in return.

    1 example out of many, Mogadishu, Somalia, and the hunger that's going on there.

    The tone of this post was a bit directed towards the US and it isn't appreciated, I don't know what the problem is with people but, how about putting a mirror to your own countries and picking them apart for their weaknesses, and or supposed trespasses.

    The US is the first country many countries ask for help, and then the first country to get attacked for helping. Make up your minds.

    Good topic for debate though, always a good way to wake the mind.

  • I'm gonna be honest here.

    I'm fucking sick of every year on 9/11 seeing the fucking celebratory/remembrance of that horrible day.    I don't deny it was terrifying and horrible and completely preventable. 

    But I'm sick of every 9/11 ALL OF MY GODDAMN TV, RADIO, INTERNET CHANNELS.  All CLOGGED UP with re-living that shit over and over and over again.

    Why should we?  Why should we re-live terrible events?  We DON'T have memorials for those who died in that HUGE Haiti accident.  Or the people of Japan.  Or the past earthquakes, or floods, or drought, or famine!!! 

    Honestly.. some Americans can be so self-important and really truly tackle only what they care about.  Which is no one but themselves.  I'm glad this year it falls on a god damn sunday so I can just play video games all day and not see a goddamn thing.

  • Loss of life is always tragic. No matter what. Everyone's just gotta leave the patriotism and bullshit out of this and let the families of those who were lost deal with this in their own way. How many reminders a day would you want to have shoved in your face by EVERYONE?!

  • here's a quote taken from here:

    "Now a tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy. No one's blood is worth more
    or less. Yet, as I read and listen to the anniversary speeches and
    editorials I can only be disheartened at what is in front of me - that
    Western lives are worth more."

  • So are you saying that it is wrong of me to still stop and say a silent thanks on Pearl Harbor day.  I wasnt alive - even my parents werent alive - but it is nevertheless an important day in history.  

    And does that make it even more wrong of me to still get teary-eyed on January 17th and January 23rd each year?  After all, it was only 1 little girl that very few people had met.  
    And you are wrong to assume I dont remember those other events - they were tragic as well.  The difference for me?  I didnt know anyone who died in those events, so it doesnt strike the same chord.
    You are being just as arrogant in asking people to forget something that was significant as people are in forgetting that tragadies happen everywhere.

  • @Paul_Partisan - I'm not really sure where you're going with this conversation.... But, it's impossible to remember everything. I'm sure you know that. There are WAY too many tragic events to remember.

  • Thank you. I've been afraid to support this claim, though I rant at home about it. there are things much worse. Just because it involved humans doesn't mean the effect was worse.

  • The way I see it, 9/11 was an attack by a foreign entity. Numbers are irrelevant. It is good that the date is remembered and the reason why it happened. Not just for America, but for all the "developed" world.

  • @raspberryjade - So what is the difference that you would then tell to the families of those who died from natural disasters? Sorry but your deaths weren't nearly as planned out therefore they're not significant?

    Are you dumb?

  • @FrenzElectric - Thing is, the reason it happened isn't remembered. Only the lie that Americans seem to think is the truth, allowing them to play victim with everything.

  • @PinkLeopards - That is exactly my point. We only lost one Kiwi in 9/11, on the flight that crashed, and we see no point in lamenting this. However, as a country, we are very much aware of the global situation and see 9/11 as a huge warning and gauge for future policy decisions.

  • People die everyday. Who's to say that one death is more significant than another? I don't think it's just the fact that people died that is the issue, it's how they died. Everyone deals with natural disasters, but not everyone sees the effects of terrorism. I'd like to think that the point you are trying to make is one similar to the post I attempted to write earlier - that yes, it happened, yes, it was tragic, but tragedies happen everyday, and we don't remember them and create national holidays for them. We have to remember the affect that this event had on our country more, and less on the fact that, "Oh my God! thousands of people DIED!"

  • @PinkLeopards - no? how did you get THAT statement from my comment? that's not what I meant at all.

    all I'm saying is he's comparing a terrorist attack to natural disasters... and those are two very different things.

    there are no underlying meanings in my statement.

    also, you're rude.

  • I feel as though 9-11 and natural disasters should not be compared to one another. 9-11 is important!, and i think that we shouldn't just "shut up" and let this piece of history be forgotten. Some people are commenting that we are ignorant for not remembering dates. But than also saying that we should just forget that this happened and act like its no big deal.? Its very confusing to me, its like their telling me to remember the date but to forget what happened? ,,, I am a proud U.S American and i will not simply shut up and sit down! 

  • This disgusts me, maybe you should go live over in Iraq with the terrorist since you're so "sympathetic" towards them. All those Americans that died that day did NOT "have it coming" Have some respect.

  • @haloed - Do you visit your family plot on Memorial day? I bet all of the 9/11 Families visit theirs it affected ALL of us in the USA and I would recommend maybe moving to hmmm Afghanistan if you don't like our passions here!

  • C. sorry but she pissed me off!

  • Uhm, I don't agree with you WHAT SO EVER.
    Many people died in on 9-11.
    I was in first grade.
    I've grown up my whole life in a time of war because of this.
    It's changed how we all live forever.

    And every event there, we AMERICANS helped in.
    We don't shy away from those in need.
    And 9-11 was a terrorist attacks.
    Not a natural disaster.
    Making them things that you can't even BEGIN to compare.

    You need to really look at these things more deeply before you make such insensitive comments.

  • @beautifullymindedx - @GrimRpr000 - @stupid_systemus - @SquidVicious - @JuSt_BeLiEvEiN - @UnconventionalButterfly@raspberryjade - @troubled_spirits - @Ikwa - @Iobot - @AmeliaHart - @mle26 - @thinspo_chick - @under_the_carpet - 

    As you all completely missed point, I will attempt to re-explain. Those who died in the natural disasters I reference warrant greater sympathy because they did nothing to cause those events. On the other hand, the bloated-pig, spoiled brat Americans with their demand for cheap oil caused their government to commit the kind of evils that breed terrorist groups like Al Qaeda.

  • @SKANLYN - How did I miss the point when I say it's our government leaders that should shoulder the blame and not every day Americans? Not all Americans are bloated pigs. 

  • @SKANLYN - So people who have died in natural disasters deserve more sympathy than innocent people who died because of a terrorist attack?! You're still an ignorant asshole.

  • @SKANLYN - you cannot say that all those people that died that day were "bloated-pig, spoiled brat Americans with their demand for cheap oil" that is just an ignorant, generalizing statement.

    you're a disgusting individual.

  • I don't agree with this post.  Natural disasters are just that.  Natural.  Can't be avoided.  The attack on the World Trade Center was murder.  Didn't have to happen.  And don't blame me for it because I'm an American.  Look at the leaders in the middle east.  The terrorists should terrorize them.  Look how they treat their own people. Look how they are in cahuts with the western nations for nothing other than money.  They get rich while allowing children in their own countries die. None are any better than American Politicians.  They are just as scummy.

  • .... except this was not a natural disaster.. this was an attack on humans by humans. all of those events are tragic, but 9.11 happened out of hatred, which is why it's so infamous.

    please don't say its not "all that" when you think about the people trapped in the building, waiting for their death. kthanx!!!

  • I don't remember 9/11 with a black and white vision of "bad guys" and "good guys". There have been plenty of people who in government or just supporters of their ideas who have caused the lives of Muslims in their country (Afghanistan) and elsewhere. Yes, I completely acknowledge that. But I don't think that 100% of the people in the plane, in the building, firemen, policemen, etc. "had it coming." There are innocent lives on both sides. It's a tragedy that both situations (9/11 and us killing them) couldn't have just been avoided. I had history class talking about what we did during the Cold War and I was constantly feeling "really the government did WHAT?!" The whole thing is a tragedy. That's why I remember it. 

    I also have no glee for Osama's death. Maybe I had some feeling like that as a short lived reaction upon first hearing of it... but then I realized he was a person. Though he may have murdered, he is still a person. Death's aren't to be celebrated.

  • @haloed - I am tired of it too.
    @mle26 - I concur

  • I understand and applaud you for trying to raise awareness. You did, though, name natural disasters. The Sept 11th attacks were deliberate acts of evil against mankind by mankind. That's in a league of its own.

  • Do you think everyone in Indonesia memorializes the anniversary of the Haitian earthquake? You're posing this as if it's an "us vs. them"
     kind of thing, and it's not. 

  • Yes, I must have misread your ill guided point.

    No one DESERVES to be attacked under no ones imperfections. 

    Ya know never mind I'm sorry I ever make comments sometimes

  • @apb102088 - 

    They were not acts of evil. They were reactions to evil and quite restrained ones at that.

  • Not evil? Yeah I'm going to agree with an above commenter: I dont know why I bother. Both sides have evil. if al Qaeda is such an avenging group for murdered Muslims... Why do they do it themselves?

  • And by "it" I mean murder Muslims.

  • @UnconventionalButterfly - Neither deserve more than the other. A death is a death. You don't give more value to a life through a method. That's completely contradicting the whole point of "equality".

  • Dear Idiot,

    I guess the answer to your happiness would be to move to a Muslim country, join the Jihad, and let one of us demons kill your unpatriotic ass! No where in their Holy Qu-Ran does it give them permission to kill Christians..ever read it? I am betting not! Ever read the Bible? I am betting not! The Constitution of the USA? I am betting not! Spouting your rhetoric is great for getting blasted by people like myself and also for being agreed with my others of your own ilk. I would wish for you a peaceful life but fear people like you may find that when you open the door, the wrong dog may come in!walaikum salam....Pax VobiscumYour Pal,Grim

  • @GrimRpr000 - He didn't say what the "terrorists" did was right, nor justifiable, he merely made clear it was completely understandable from their point of view, which is true, chill the fuck out and understand someone's point before slandering them and embarrassing yourself.

  • @GrimRpr000 - Actually it's pretty clear that YOU didn't read the Quran considering there are several versus against killing non believers, especially since in Islam the Bible is considered one of the holy books that are followed, the Quran simply being the final book.

    But thanks for showing your bigotry, makes it easier to know who's an idiot and who isn't once they start typing.

  • @GrimRpr000 - Did you even read that to which you have replied? From your comment it is apparent you did not. Reading the Bible, Q'uran, and Constitution has absolutely nothing to do with anything I wrote (well, I guess the latter comes into play when you consider that Osama bin Laden was denied his right to a fair trial before before being executed by the savages in our military). The American people live an excessive lifestyle that depends on cheap oil to run the industries which produce the luxuries they demand. In order to maintain that, the U.S. government makes deals with evil despots and commits other assorted crimes against humanity around the world. If you reap the benefits of that, it's your own fault when terrorist blow you up. I am guilty myself (and I expressed this in my post). I don't expect to be labeled a victim though if, or when, my greed catches up with me and the 9-11 dead shouldn't be labeled as victims either. The real victims are the people we pushed into such desperation that they were cool with killing themselves to strike back at us.

  • @SKANLYN - I have read all 3 of them more than once! I am sad you have such a warped view but I also worked in the Mental Health field for several years so I am used to rhetoric that makes no sense! You are a victim of you own devices and this too another sad comment! We will just agree to disagree!

    You Best Buddy,Grim

  • @GrimRpr000 - Again he doesn't read the comment to which he replies.

    You're a damn fool.

  • @SKANLYN - He completely ignored my comment, doubt he's read any of them.

  • @PinkLeopards - And all the people who didn't vote for them? There are plenty of people in office I didn't vote for. Not to account for the children that also died on 9-11.  To say we are all guilty, to say that all Americans are selfish pigs but other people in other countries do not have bad people is foolish.  I'm sure those who died (tragically regardless) in natural disasters weren't also made up of selfish people is naive.

  • @AmeliaHart - 

    Al Qaeda did attack the government. Perhaps you remember the plane that flew into a certain military building down there in Virginia. As for the people in the Trade Center, they were going to work in the capitalist system that killed so many innocent people around the world. As I said, those who perished on 9-11 probably didn't deserve to die but they do have a certain amount of responsibility for their own demise. Al Qaeda didn't attack organic farmers living off the land somewhere out in Montana. They attacked the people who benefited from the harm done to their people.

  • @AmeliaHart - It's also naive to think that just because you personally didn't shoot someone in the face and take their resources that you're completely innocent. How about you start living without the things that aren't connected to another country that's suffering because of us? Oh because you don't care enough about the blood of other people to give up your car, your gas, and 99% of the things you own. 

    Which makes you a self centered prick and you're just as responsible. You demand it, the US kills people, takes it, and supplies it. Welcome to reality.

  • @PinkLeopards - It's not even about giving up your car and all that other stuff. I'm not giving up mine. But I also don't expect to have my "innocent life" mourned if I die as a result of my own selfishness any more than I would expect if I had say, killed myself  by driving drunk.

  • @PinkLeopards - Right. You ASSUME I don't care about those things but you know nothing about me.  Just as you know NOTHING about the people who died on 9/11.  Yes there are self-centered pricks who died that day AND there are innocent people.  And there are people there who tried to change the world to make it a better place.

    You have no idea what I do for a living - What I try to do to change the "status quo." You simply assume, which makes you naive.

  • @AmeliaHart - Interesting, the "you don't know me" card. Also interesting, I know a couple of people that died on 9/11 so really YOU don't know me. Which makes you in your own words *gasp* NAIVE.

    By the way for all you know everyone in that building could have been a prick, they were the ones advocating for an imperialist nation bent on bloodshed.

  • @SKANLYN - I didn't forget about the Pentagon. But as I said to PinkLeopards you are simply assuming that most (if not all) people who died on 9/11 were asking for it. But we don't know what those people have done, who they were etc... etc....  For all we know the next Gandhi/Paul Farmer/Muhammad Yunis was killed on 9/11.  For all we know the majority of those who died were good people. Moreover, not everyone working for the government are evil either.  Plenty of government workers may be working on programs that deal with PEPFAR foreign aid program, or revamping the IMF's structural adjustments so that they don't unfairly favor domestic exports, or sending troops out to foreign lands to aid their citizens suffering from a natural disaster etc... etc...

    And as I have said - there was a study that showed that quite a few of the Islamic terrorists that joined Al Quaida were not the poor and the needy of their society.  A lot of them were pretty wealthy, well educated individuals who were radicalized. From what I understand Osama Bin Laden came from a very wealthy family and his connections probably more or less helped him form his terrorist cells. In general you are painting a very broad picture of those who participate in terrorism.  Terrorism is so difficult to stop/understand because people from all walks of life participate in it. Not just Muslims. Not just the poor and oppressed. 

  • @PinkLeopards - I'm a polite pear, so I won't leave you a comment response right now saying you're wrong, and stupid. Cheers! :)

  • @PinkLeopards - I don't see how knowing someone who died on 9/11 has any significance to this argument. 

    You assumed I'm some self-centered prick who doesn't care about those living abroad suffering from US policies. I told you don't know that. You have no idea what I have been working on to try to change the status quo. Moreover,  you have no idea what those people in those buildings (including the Pentagon) on 9/11 were like.  Maybe they all were pricks? Maybe they all weren't.  Maybe the future Gandhi, Paul Farmer, Muhammad Yunis died that day from the attacks.  You and SKANLYN are the ones making assumptions not me.

  • @AmeliaHart - PinkLeopards is a troll.  I learned that the hard way.  She's a jerk who will stalk you endlessly if you feed her.  Got told that by a couple of friends and they are right.  Best just to ignore her... she is ridiculously ignorant.

    @TheMushyPear - Okay, that was just awesome.

  • @AmeliaHart - "  Just as you know NOTHING about the people who died on 9/11."

    Did you or did you not say this, dumbass?
    And you keep saying how nobody knows what you've been doing and yet you've yet to tell us what you've been doing. Sounds awfully phony to me.

  • @PinkLeopards - hahaha, you are one of mah favorite xanga pplz.

  • @ShimmerBodyCream - lulz. ;D you're one of my favorites too bahaha

  • Yeah ... I basically agree.

  • @TNLNSL_PRN - That's not true.  @PinkLeopards - merely says a lot of things that FOX news watcher types can't stand to hear because the truth hurts.  That's not the same thing as a troll!

    Aside from that, I have intentionally abstained from commenting on this blog

  • @DivaJyoti - Nope, she's definitely a troll. She's done similar things on other sites in the past on a variety of posts, some of which have nothing to do with Faux news. 

  • @AmeliaHart - Don't... feed... the troll!

  • @PinkLeopards - You don't know anything about those who died on 9/11. You don't know if most of them are self-centered pricks or if most of them are selfless Ghandis. You again have no idea!

    The individuals you know that died do not paint the entire picture of everyone who died that day.

    Since you're asking:

    I am an electrical engineer. I've done government projects (that I can't talk about) but in general I'm trying to advocate a change in our energy portfolio in the US and overseas. I want to focus on revamping the industrialization of third world nations (especially China and India) since they are so huge and will have a huge impact on our global environment. (But I don't want to staunch their industrialization; for they are rapidly changing their economic structure and may change a lot for those who are extremely poor in their societies.) I've worked on clean air retrofits for coal fired power plants - to help remove some of the particulants that cause respiratory issues.  I help consult on the side for free, projects overseas that try to bring responsible (clean) technology to third world countries- water and energy systems.  I am also getting my master's in Electrical Engineering with a focus on sustainability and energy part-time so that I can continue to address these issues.

    Personally I also have family back in the Philippines that I am trying to help financially get an education, stay healthy etc... and give back to their communities who are struggling right now.  That has been very difficult as of late though.

    I also volunteered a lot with other groups. I have a friend who started an orphanage in Kenya for street boys that I helped fund-raise for.  I also volunteered in my city, in shelters for women and children, park clean ups and the poor in general.   I've worked with/fund-raised for Habitat for Humanity, Engineers Without Borders, Gawad Kalinga and many other organizations.

    I carpool to work, since there is no available public trans to my
    office, in lieu of driving myself in (which would be more convenient). I've written letters to my congressmen/women on issues like the farm bill, our health care system, our energy issues etc... etc... As well as marched in Washington DC for issues I care about.

    I'm not a perfect person. But I'm trying to change things and work with what I have been given. Perhaps its not enough.

  • @AmeliaHart - So in short you're doing nothing but want to bull shit enough to try to make it seem like you're doing something.

    For the rest, TLDR

  • @DivaJyoti - When you block someone from your site for being ignorant now everything you say means you're a "troll." lolol

    Fools ;x

  • @QuantumStorm - BUT BUT it's so fun! Plus I'd rather read this stuff than the boob post I wrote in Friday. That was a waste of time...

    @PinkLeopards - LOL well you didn't read it -who's the self-centered prick now?

  • @QuantumStorm - Yet then again all blogging is a waste of time! But right now it's more fun than doing homework! :)  

  • @UnconventionalButterfly - lol at your get a hobby line.  I really did laugh out loud.

  • @AmeliaHart - I don't like arguing with pretty girls so how 'bout you just stop making excuses for those people already. 

  • @AmeliaHart - Tell... me... about it. I have a mountain of homework assignments to do, and they're sitting there, just taunting me.... the little pricks. 

  • @SKANLYN - But that's no fun! :/

    @QuantumStorm - It's only been about two weeks since class started and I'm already tired of homework! :/

  • just to clarify, n my comment, which was a long one, I wrote about how we supplied Afghanistan with reinforcements/supllies, including the “Smart Bomb", in case there was cofusion, or I wasn't clear. Afghanistan was able to defeat the soviets by shooting down the soviet helocopters in that particular war.

    This is an important fact too.

  • @PinkLeopards - Hahah I'm not fat.  Nice try though! 

  • Bad shit happens. That doesn't mean there is a logical explanation for it.

    The "we had it coming argument?" Come on, dude. This is the most lame shit ever. 

    How about the single mom who had an autistic child?

    "She had it coming because she was a slut."

    How about the kid that becomes paralyzed in a car accident?

    "He had it coming because he was speeding."

    How about the grandmother that is diagnosed with terminal cancer? 

    "She had it coming because she used sweet-n-low in her tea."

    How about the 3000 innocent bystanders that so tragically died because some fanatic decided it would be a dramatic statement of their skewed world view to hijack a plane and dive it into a building?

    "They had it coming because....we're arrogant?" 

    This kind of out-dated, shallow, distorted thinking is what destroys society. I dare to say that this kind of thinking is a great deal more pitiful and arrogant than the grief and awareness you're mocking in this blog. 

  • 9/11 was a conspiracy....Or so I've heard. One document I over heard, a man was said, "How was some man living in the mountains going to have enough money to fund 9/11"? That made me think a lot. My brother got some information saying that the U.S. did it for oil and I could see that being true, but the reason why I don't believe it is because I don't think someone would allow someone to kill all those people for oil.

  • @PinkLeopards - right, when you block a troll for BEING A TROLL that same troll goes around telling everybody that you're the troll!  stuuuuuuupid!~

  • @DivaJyoti - welcome to xanga xD

  • @theflowerstem - yeah, that killing all those people thing might have been offputting, that and the fact that, far as I know, we didn't get any oil

  • @PinkLeopards - AH I been around. happens to me all the time.  People don't like outspoken women.

  • @DivaJyoti - No, maybe we were just attacked and the conspiracy, is just a conspiracy. The fact that we were over there for so long makes me believe that we were getting something out of it. I remember reading that we were giving them cellphones and we were trying to start a democracy. All nice things of course, but still.

  • @theflowerstem - yeah shit, we're still fucking there!  It's crazy.  just for the record, I never believed any conspiracy theory. we were seriously just that vulnerable.  it didn't even take that much money, he used our planes and our resources against us, how much could THAT cost anyway.

  • does that Mar of 11 death count include from the Tsunami?

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Being a slut doesn't lead to autism. Being a dick to every other nation does however invite a bombing. Big difference.

  • @PinkLeopards - You're a bully, a racist, and a dumbass. Get the fuck off of Xanga, you little prick.

  • @InternetDominator - :( I don't want to go easy. I WANT YOU NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Eeeeaaassssyy girl, lol. 

    I got blocked from her site simply for calling her out on her anti-white racism. Methinks she's too dim-witted to realize that constantly pulsing about white people and posting others' comments about how anti-white racism is really just self-preservation indicates a strong prejudice against white people. 
    Oh well, shame on her. 

  • @PinkLeopards - Soooo....your justification for the whole incident is that you feel America has wronged other nations?  Which would mean after 9/11, we were justified in going into Afghanistan and Iraq regardless of whether or not there were WMD's because obviously, we totally deserved it. So, now we're even?  


    This logic is the same kind as someone saying a woman who dresses provocatively deserves to be raped.  It's absurd and short sighted.


    See what I did there?

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - It also gives you the right to totally drop a bomb on his ass. 

  • @InternetDominator - Great minds do indeed, think alike.

  • @supanamja - Given that you said you will be deleting your thoroughly ignorant reply, I am reproducing it here as it is a prime example of everything I talked about in my post - self centered douche-baggery in which assholes like you will only acknowledge your own personal suffering and everyone else can go fuck themselves. This is why we were attacked. It was because of people just like you.


    Were you there?  I was in Manhattan, on the fdr, stuck in traffic when I saw cop car after cop car driving down, followed by what I could only assume was every firefighter in existence. 

    I wonder if you're familiar with  Manhattan. On the east side, around 125th street, the island tapers in  slightly. It does so again around 40th street, as you pass the UN. That
    morning, I had no idea what was going on. Cell phone sites were
    saturated and my stupid car's radio was broken. When the road finally  tapered around down on 40th, you used to be able to see the twin towers. Yeah, we called them the twin towers back then. What I saw that day was something I'll never forget. What I saw was both buildings on fire.  Wow, I thought. One I could understand, maybe it was an accident or a
    building fire, but two? Someone did that. That was intentional, and  while good and evil can be argued as relative concepts, even an existential person like me knew that was evil. It was intentional and it
    was evil. 

    I made my way to brooklyn, and as I finally reached my
    brother on the phone, I caught a glimpse in my rear view mirror of the  buildings falling. 

    Now, you might be wondering... why am I  telling you this? Well in a bit of a roundabout way I'm trying to  illustrate that it's all a matter of perspective. 

    I live just  four or five blocks south of where the twin towers used to be. I didn't  then, but I do now and I've been here for a few years. I see the effects of it every day, I see it when I take the 1 train. I see it if I take  the R, they only JUST opened the southbound Cortland street station. The only reason why I'm telling you this is because I actually DO think  about this event every fucking day man. I live here. This is my home, I
    saw that shit with my two eyes. I've taken a hard look at it, I've been  as honest as someone who is a silly pseudointellectual can be and let me tell you something. You do not speak for me. I do not condone terrorism in any way but I am smart enough to know that it exists because a small force is opposed against a much larger force. It is a last refuge, a  last tactic. However, it is never really 'just'. 

    Again, it's all a bit relative. This day is personal for me, though I do not always talk  about it. Is it for you? If it's not, if you don't see it every day,  this is just my opinion, but I think it's a valid one, you have no right to even fucking talk about it. 

    There is no justification for  murder, when you attack civilians under the guise of war, it is murder.  Also, there is no moral basis for anyone to judge someone's suffering  against someone else's. You are entitled to think what you want to think
    about the morals and actions of two political entities. You have no  right, because you are not a god to say one victim's suffering is more  worthy or not. Doing so reveals only simplicity and arrogance on your  part. Even if you're a new yorker, even if you're a victim's family  member, you still don't get to pass judgement on suffering.

    I  could go on but I'm going to stop. I can look outside my window RIGHT  NOW and I can see everyone out there taking pictures of those big pretty memorial lights. That shit's right next door, and if you ask me kind of vulnerable to the threats I've been forced to hear about all weekend.  I've was out there last year, I've taken pictures, but you know why I'm  staying in this year? Last year was all tourists, a bunch of smiling  faces. It makes me mad even though I have no right to judge them. I
    didn't really want to think about it this year, didn't want to talk
    about it and I see your dumb ignorant post and purposely inflammatory title. I'll be deleting this comment soon. No one else needs to see this but you.

    9/11/2011 10:21 PM

  • @SKANLYN - Assigning blame to someone on the internet for a past terrorist attack is actually the definition of ignorance. Good day. Finally, I and any other person capable of logic and honesty about human emotion can see that attacking an opinion warrants a response to the opinion. You take an attack on opinion and reply with an attack on character by calling me a self centered douchebag. You know who else acts that way? Children and terrorists. Blocking your idiocy now. Goodbye.

  • @PinkLeopards - Actually she's not. I met her. She's so skinny.

    @AmeliaHart - Wow, you've certainly done so much and I hope you continue to do so.

  • @supanamja - I tried to be civil. My post was nothing but civil. People like you have your head so far up your ass that you can't see reality. If you actually took an honest look you would be 100% in agreement with everything I wrote. Not that you'd admit it.

  • @PinkLeopards - Obviously a person will remember a tragic event that affected them more so than something that happened half a world away. It's like if you have one terrible break-up it's the end of the world but if someone else has five, you don't care much if at all. The people in other countries probably don't know or care much about 9/11 but I'm sure they remember how they suffered during whatever natural disaster. It's just how the human brain and emotions function. We're not terrible people for it.

  • @SKANLYN - I've blocked you already but your response shows up anyway. Please stop it, I have no interest in seeing yet another emotional response to a rational argument that is completely unrelated to what I present to you. Your post was not civil. Judging or condemning people is not civil. Any thoughtful or logical person could see that. There is literally nothing you are contributing here. 

  • Whenever the Quran speaks of fighting, it is always in the event that another hostile party has attacked the Muslim community and is threatening lives. Only then has Allah ordained fighting against the enemy, but always warning not to transgress any limits, which apply to all Muslims during warfare. In addition, Allah also tells you to stop fighting the second the enemy stops.
    This is more or less the basic principle in Islam regarding fighting, and at no other occasion are the Muslims allowed to take up arms.
    I hope that clarifies things a little for you.  Since you are so educated in both books please show me where in the Quoran it relates itself to the Bible and to which version of the bible  and which translation of the bible as it has been translated countless times in multiple languages over hundreds of years. King James went as far as to delete parts of the "original " and add his own text! Yes I have read all several times as I am also an ordained minister and they were required reading in divinity school.

    I do apologize however for calling you names that was very BAD of me! Pax Vobicum

  • @haloed - I totally agree. Heh, and I see that someone thought you were American XD 

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Who said shit about justifying the incident? The point is being a slut is not the same thing as being an imperialist pig.

  • @ivarahBharavi - I've already established you as being dumb so I'm not going to read your comment.

  • @PinkLeopards - I already established you as a bullying cunt so I'm not going to take you seriously. 

    Guess I've avenged my friend Ivarah :P .

  • @PinkLeopards - Says the girl who wasn't able to provide a response to my simple question on Krisko's post. It seems that all you know how to do is call people names when you know you're wrong. And don't bother responding - I've now established you as a self-entitled, rude bitch whose brain capacity will never exceed that of a 5-year-old who just learned new cuss words and spews them out whenever possible.

  • @InternetDominator - Awww, thanks for trying. I think I took care of it though :)

  • @PinkLeopards - You did, LULZ. You're justifying the violence by saying that America is "arrogant" and an "imperialist pig."  I'll assume you just don't get it because you're making a leap of logic that, really, is not only absurd, but is also idiotic and shallow.  Either that, you're just trollolololololing, which, in that case, I'd just like to point out that you're pretty bad at it. 

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - uh no LULZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I justify the attitude, not the murders. You're welcome.

  • @ivarahBharavi - Uh what post? Sorry I have a life I don't memorize interactions with Xangans. Especially not ugly ones ;x

  • @PinkLeopards - Well, at least she has the courage to say things to people instead of blocking them for making a good point, eh?

  • @Mangonese - Not to mention she has the audacity to insult others' appearances without having the guts to post a photo of herself. How respectable.

  • @PinkLeopards - I'll have you know that Ivy is cute. You however are an epic bitch who can't reason herself out of a wet paper bag. I've seen photos of you before, and though I don't find you physically ugly, you are just flat-out repulsive in terms of character.

    I know you got raped a bunch of times and you have PTSD and all, but get some damn therapy, and learn how not to be an epic cunt of all cunts. 

  • @ivarahBharavi - :O

    YOU DIDN'T! :D

  • @PinkLeopards - Pumpkin. You can't separate thought and action like that. Ever heard of the cognitive triangle? Goes kind of like this: THOUGHTS: FEELINGS: ACTIONS.  An attitude becomes an action. Same damn difference. 

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Nutcake, yes I can. Most people in the world want to murder Americans like you for being stupid 

  • @PinkLeopards - Oh. Are we name calling nao?! OMG! I feel honored to have been called: "Nutcake" (which I love and am totally using that again) AND "stupid" in the same comment!
    And if you'd like references for my "stupidity" you can check out the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy manual for the triangle thoughts become feelings become actions), which is like, OMG, kind of basic psychology. 
    So. No you can't. :D :D :D

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - GUH Yes I can 
    :D not my fault school taught you nothing. :B aguhguhguh!

  • @PinkLeopards - And it isn't my fault you don't comprehend English or basic psychological principles! :D  

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Makes a whole lotta sense lol Weakkkkkk

  • @PinkLeopards - Weak? Oh. you must be talking about your argument. <3

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Oh the one you couldn't refute?

    Cool story bro, tell it again. :D

  • @PinkLeopards - Umad?

    Ohhhhh. Interwebz talk.

  • @PinkLeopards - LOL. It's an internet phrase. The bastard cousin of coolstorybro.

  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - I know -_-; it's my clan tag. You clearly missed it... /facepalm

    Nice work.


  • @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Incorrect usage but a good one.

  • I get ur point but the matter of the fact is that all them people have died in earthquake has been naturtally done nothing no one could have done to prevent it but 9-11 that was done bu others something that could be prevented something that could have been stopped something that was done by another not chance. 

  • OMG let them seek what they want. Thats sick i wouldnt dare they killed my fellow people. If they killed ur mom would u not fight for there memory would u give a bad man a present for doing something wrong would u not fight for those incooents memmorys becasue i would, to the death

  • The thing is,America is such a modern and advanced society and its people are looked up to in comparison to those in other countries.Not only that but you names all natural disasters 9-11 were not just talking about deaths you have to take into consideration that it was a terrorist attack,this could happen at anytime more than once and kill the same amount of people.Also NYC has a population of about 8,000,000 people,if they wanted to they could have done ALOT more damage.Now i understand what you mean and it is true other disasters are looked down on but there is a good reason why 9-11 was such a big deal

  • 9/11 was NOT a natural disaster, it was caused by evil people and affected people fron many, many countries. i do remember the lives lost in all the disasters you mentioned and pray for all of them. all life is precious. im from lima ohio usa...

  • ps: spoken like a true muslum...allah is a bitch

  • To say about 9/11/01 that we had it coming is to make you totally uncaring about the loss of innocent life.  

  • You posted this last year.

    Im done.

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