Month: July 2013

  • The End


    07/28/2013 02:30pm

    As I suspected, it doesn’t look like Xanga is going to raise the $60,000 necessary to continue its existence. About that I am sad. While others have used their blogs over the years to complain about how much Xanga, its technology, and its staff sucks, I genuinely liked it and, in its current form, I still feel it’s the best blogging site out there. I thus made a pledge despite knowing the futility of the gesture and knowing that even if Xanga raised the necessary funds it probably would not be able to continue for very much longer. The fact is that I am part of a small minority and there are simply not enough people out there that care enough about this place to ensure its longevity. If there were it would not be in this situation right now.

    And so henceforward I will blog at I’ve been looking to change the direction of my blog for a while now and this may be my opportunity to shake off that “troll” reputation I developed here. I have always thought that an unfair label. Surely the quality of my literary performance art is more significant than the actions of a so-called “troll”. I have also written a lot of legitimate posts and made a fair amount of legitimate comments though, at times, I admittedly let myself become pre-occupied with the angry obsession many Xangans have with what other people think and their inability to reconcile its inconsistency with their own beliefs. I’ve thus spent a lot of time fucking with those passionate-to-the-point-of-idiocy conservatives, liberals, Christians, and atheists (I’ve always done my best to be an equal opportunity offender). As fun as that was, however, it’s not what I’m all about and I’d rather my blog be represented by "A Bedtime Story" or the trilogy of posts I wrote called “My Wonder Years” or that hilarious horror movie satire I wrote a few years ago or my rebuke of Willy Wonka. Going forward I hope to write more posts of that nature and may be a more suitable platform to do just that.

    Farewell Xanga. I'm sorry you had to go.