March 5, 2012

  • School Prayer and Corporal Punishment

    The Solution to Our Failed Public School System?


    When I was at the doctor’s on Friday I came across a very interesting article. It was a study comparing the average overall GPA’s of one Mississippi school district before and after corporal punishment and school prayer were banned. It showed the average GPA dropped from 2.51 down to 2.03 during the years following the ban on prayer in the public schools and the outlawing of corporal punishment.Whether or not you’re pro or against, you can’t argue that’s a pretty significant difference. I think most of us have recognized a lack of discipline in the younger generation and it’s not too far a stretch to conclude that the main failure of our public schools is their inability to instill and maintain discipline in their students. A prayer before each class would be beneficial in getting students centered for their academic endeavors that day. It also sets a serious tone for learning. Likewise with the sting of a ruler across the knuckles, the impact of which is likely more effective that hanging out in the detention hall for an hour after school with your friends. Of course I respect the Constitution so I believe any school prayer should be strictly non-denominational, so as not to offend those of different Christian sects.

    Prayer and corporal punishment – the way to restore our public schools. Wouldn’t you agree?


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