February 27, 2012

  • The Day Whitney Houston Died

    Hope After Loss


    It all began on the afternoon of February 11th in room 434 of the Beverly Hills Hilton. Naked in the bathtub, Whitney Houston called out to her sexy young daughter. 

    “Bobbi, Bobbi Kristina.”

    “Yes mama,” the girl replied

    “Come here child,” Whitney Houston said as Bobbi Kristina entered the bathroom,. “Come and wash yo’ mama’s pussy.”

    “Okay mama,” said Bobbi Kristina as she extended her arm towards the soap.

    “No need to be reaching child. This tub is big enough for the two of us. Why dontcha take those clothes off and get in here with your mama. The water is just delightful.”

    “Yes m’am!” Bobbi Kristina said, eagerly tearing her clothes off, “I love being naked with you mama!”

    “I know you do baby,” Whitney Houston said.

    Bobbi Kristina got into the tub and started soaping her mother’s pussy, caressing the lather into her lovely folds.

    “That’s it,”said Whitney Houston, “Clean that pussy. Clean it good! Make yo’ mama’s pussy spic and span!” It was so sensual having Bobbi Kristina washing her pussy that she came twice on the girl's hand. “Baby, you haven’t done that to me in so long. I miss the way we used to play together so sexily.”

    “Me too mama but ever since you been seeing that Ray J it seems like you don’t have time to make love with me anymore.”

    “Oh baby, don’t say that. Yeah, that Ray J sure got a big ol’ dick that fill me good but there’s nothing like a mother’s love for her little girl.”

    “Really mama?”

    “Yes baby. I tell you what baby, let’s you and me have a good ol’ time tonight. Let’s get real freaky nasty.”

    “I think I know just the thing we can do mama.”

    “What’s that baby?”

    “I’ll go get my big black strap-on and fuck you in yo asshole. You will love it mama, I promise!”

    “Now baby, I don’t know about that. I be a little too old for that shit. Your mama’s asshole don’t open as wide as it used to.”

    “No need to worry mama. Just have some Xanax and Vodka. That will relax your asshole good so it will open real wide.”

    “Are you sure baby?”

    “It works like magic mama. In fact, one night I had both Kanye and Jay-Z dicking me in my ass at the same time.”

    “Wow! My little girl had both Kanye and Jay-Z in her asshole at the same time?! That musta been like dying and going to Big-Black-Dick Heaven!”

    “It sure was mama, it sure was!" Bobbi Kristina said then went to get the booze, pills, and strap-on. In no time she was slamming her mama up the shit pipe. Whitney moaned and moaned and moaned.But then something went tragically wrong.

    It was about two hours later when Ray J came into the room. “Baby doll, where you be at,” he called out. He then heard Bobbi Kristina.

    “Over here Ray J.”

    Ray J followed her voice to the bathroom. “Whasshup, whasshup, whasshup bish.”

    “Hi Ray J,” Bobbi Kristina said.

    He looked over to see Whitney Houston partially submerged in the bathtub, “Yo, yo, yo, what the fuck be wrong with yo mama?”

    “I think she had a accident or a stroke or somethin’ Ray J. I was fucking her in the ass with my big black strap-on when she just stopped moving and went all limp and shit. She passed away Ray J.”

    “Naw, naw, it can’t be. Yo, she was my gurl. MY GURL!  NOOOOOO!!!!!” He screamed and started to tear-up.

    “Don’t be sad Ray J. I have an idea how to make you feel better,” Bobbi Kristina said and started sucking his dick.

    “Yo, yo, yo! Aw damn girl, you sho knows how to suck a good dick. I’m gonna cum real hard bish! Real hard!” He screamed “Ahhhhhhh!" then spurted his shit into her mouth.

    “Damn Ray J, your cum taste goooooood!”

    “Yo, yo, yo, all the bishes be luvin’ Ray J’s jimmy juice!”

    “Now I know why my mama loved you so much.”

    “I loved her too Bobbi Kristina. I loved her so good.”

    Suddenly a voice called out Ray J’s name.

    “Yo, yo, yo, whassup, whasshup, whasshup bish,” Ray J answered and in came Kim Kardashian.

    “Whoa! What happened to Whitney Houston?” she asked.

    “My mama died,” Bobbi Kristina told her.

    “Oh poor baby,” Kim Kardashian said. “You must be so sad. Let me make you feel better,” she said and started licking Bobbi Kristina’s vag. As she did, Ray J pried apart her plump ass cheeks and began eating her beautiful asshole. Bobbi Kristina felt so nasty having her pussy eaten out by Kim Kardashian while her mother laid there dead in the tub. She came so hard it felt like she was having a earthquake in her pussy.

    “Thank you so much Kim, you made my pussy feel sooooo good!”

    “Anytime Bobbi Kristina,” she said. “Now let’s call the police so we can get this shit cleaned-up and get on down to Clive Davis’ party.”

    One week later everybody was in New Jersey for Whitney Houston’s funeral and being all sad and shit. After the service, the procession headed down to the cemetery for the burial. In the crowd, Bobbi Kristina recognized Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night and went over to talk to her.

    “You used to imitate my mama on TV.”

    “Yes sweetie I did,” Maya Rudolph  said

    “You remind me so much of her. Oh how I miss her!” Bobbi Kristina said, all broken-up and shit.

    “Oh there, there baby,” said Maya Rudolph as she took Bobbi Kristina into her arms. Next thing you know they were eating each other’s boxes right there in the cemetery in front of everyone. It was so fucking hot and erotic that all the sexy bitches like Mariah Carey and Jordin Sparks pulled up their dresses and began fingering their sopping cunts until they came so hard they gushed all over Whitney Houston’s casket. Meanwhile, Kevin Costner pulled out his schlong and began stroking it furiously until he exploded, blasting Cissy Houston and Dionne Warwick with his hot white slime. Then everybody started orgying at the grave site. It was so awesome, ‘specially compared to most other funerals where no one ever usually cums.

    It was a glorious celebration of a fine bee-yatch who touched so many people, not only with her angelic voice but also with her plump brown titties, sweet juicy punany, and hot, tight asshole.

    We’ll always love you Whitney!


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