January 15, 2011

  • Republicans and Hitler

    I Mean, What’s the Deal???

    01/13/2011 02:47pm

    Every time I get into a conversation with a Republican, it seems all they want to talk about is how great Hitler was and how we need to get rid of the Jews. Take my boi Joey G. The other day we’re watching the game and he turns to me and says, “Wasn’t Hitler a great guy?”

    “No,” I says, “of course not, he killed six million people.”

    “Yeah but they was all filthy Jews.”

    “They didn’t deserve to die because of their religion.”

    “Of course they did! They caused the economic collapse of Germany, not to mention they killed our Lord and Savior. Now our economy is all in the shitter cuz they keep hoarding all the money.”

    “That’s ridiculous.”

    “That’s what the mainstream Jew-run media wants you to believe. Go ask Sarah Palin if you don’t believe me.”

    “Sorry but I prefer more credible sources than a murdering bitch who used subliminal suggestion to get a mentally ill Arizona man to kill six innocent people, including a nine year old child.”

    “Yeah but they was Jews.”

    “I believe the kid was actually Catholic.”

    “Six or one half dozen the other. As a Republican I have no use for them if they ain’t White Anglo Saxon Protestant.”

    “I probably should have figured that.”

    “Say, how ‘bout you put on a fake Hitler mustache and fuck me in the ass.”

    “You want me to perform a gay act on you? I thought you Republicans hated that stuff.”

    “It ain’t gay as long as you have the Hitler mustache on. Hitler is the one man great enough to get fucked in the ass by and not be a faggot who needs to be killed like Matthew Shepherd.”

    “I don’t know if I buy that one. Anyway, as a Democrat I certainly appreciate and respect human sexuality in all its forms, but that’s just not my cup of tea. I also wouldn’t feel right wearing the Hitler mustache.”

    “Suit yourself.”

    “I will.”

    “Say, don’t you hate the blacks?”

    “No, why would I hate someone just because of the color of their skin?”

    “Wow, you could never be a Republican.”

    “I guess not.”


    I guess not.



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  • Yea them Dirty Jews wanna kidnap and kill Christian Children like Palins retarded baby so they can paint their front doors with his blood. That is sick. Palin even talked about this and how they were coming for her kid yesterday.

  • I know! Doesn't that just frost you to a fare thee well! O those Republicans.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - You know what I'm talking about.

  • @SKANLYN - I do? Why am I so special?

  • Is it wrong that I read the Republican voice as having a southern accent?

  • @DiedByTheSword - Yes. Let's not stereotype like the Republicans do. Don't forget that our greatest President, Jimmy Carter, had a Southern accent.

  • I find Republicans to be in such a sad state that I can't even tell if you are joking or not.  

  • I'm no good on bass? BWAHAHAHAHA!

    I've quit bands, and I've been called back because they wanted my solid groove and creativity again. Other bass players didn't measure up.  I was playing Jazz at weddings in upscale hotels and in restaurants between 2000-2004. I've only gotten better since then, of course.  

    EVERY musician that hears me play compliments my playing. MUSICIANS, not retards like you. You should see how hard I'm laughing. Your pathetic existence needs to be validated by trying to put others that have talent and goals. You're so pathetic. And a faceless coward, to boot. What's your name? Post a picture, you big girl.

    What have YOU done that requires talent? Trolling? BWAHAHAHA!!  Man, you crack me up.

    The video with the bow was tongue-in-cheek. If that's all you're going by, then you're a moron.

    Poor thing. I guess you're proud of your ignorance. You seem to be intent on making it VERY clear that you're a musical ignoramus. LOL!!!!!!

  • @Unstoppable_Inner_Strength - No, you suck at bass and I doubt you've ever played professionally. In your silly fantasies you may think you're Geddy Lee but the reality is that you're just a silly little boy pretending to be a rock star in his bedroom. Don't bother replying back with a list of your credentials. I won't read it. I know you're full of shit.

  • You're a LAUGHABLE  moron, and my points stand.


    Watch closely and be astounded by my skill.  Assuming you have eyes and ears. That's an original song of mine, btw.


  • @Unstoppable_Inner_Strength - Ha! Good one! Another tongue-in-cheek video. I laughed my ass off!

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