June 18, 2010

  • Bawsten: So-Called “Hub of the Universe”

    06/18/2010 01:35am

    I actually don’t give a shit about basketball but I hate the city of Boston and so I am absolutely thrilled the Lakers won the Championship. I can’t wait for all those shitheads to start setting fires and overturning cars because they blew another chance to reclaim past glory. I’m sure they’ll be in full force tonight, as will the racist douche bags in the Boston Police Department who seize any opportunity they can to start shooting at black youths. Hell, they’ll be dragging them out of their beds in Dorchester and Roxbury then bringing them to the scenes of riots started bydrunken Micks, just to put a bullet in them.

    Let me tell you, I’ve been all around this country and Boston takes the cake as the most wretched place I’ve been. I had the misfortune of spending several years of my life in that shit fuck of a city. Even worse than the awful stench in the air up there, the sheer filth that surrounds you everywhere you go, and the eleven months ass-freezing cold weather are the awful people with their awful accent. These people are as rude and stupid as they are ugly. Their mouths are all crooked and fucked-up from speaking in that abominable dialect of theirs. Believe it or not, they actually think they’re sophisticated because they’ve got Harvard, Tufts, MIT and a bunch of other prestigious schools up there. Of course the student body and staff of those institutions are comprised mostly of foreigners as the average Bostonian is a semi-illiterate shit brain with a third grade education that limits his or her employment opportunities to construction work or panhandling in the subways. Yeah but they’re the fucking “hub of the universe” all right! These dipshits just re-elected a retarded mayor to a fifth term. Can you believe that? They think it makes them progressive.  It doesn’t! IT JUST MAKES THEM STUPID!

    Anyway, fuck the Celtics and fuck Boston.  Your city sucks and ifI were President I’d nuke it to ashes, killing all of you and irradiating the ground so that no one or nothing can ever live there again.


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