May 28, 2010

  • The problem of religion


    As we antitheists know all too well, the advancement of society has fallen under the grave threat of those who believe differently from us. For far too long, many of us have taken the attitude of “live and let live”, a dangerous proposition if ever there was one. We certainly would not take this approach with a malignant tumor and we simply cannot afford to take it with religion either. As with any cancer, it needs to be excised before it can metastasize any further.

    My good friend JT, a rising star in the free thought movement, has written extensively about the importance of controlling what other people think. He recommends a strategy that starts with logic and reasoning, followed by ridicule and mockery when that fails. While these certainly appear to be sound tactics, I find myself wondering what we should do if we are still unable to coerce these god-drunk fuckwits into compliance with our standards.  Like many other Xangans who are too lazy and/or stupid to formulate their own thoughts, I generally defer to JT on these matters. As you may have heard though, he recently came down with a case of boiling blood. I have therefore decided to ponder this on my own, freeing him to concentrate on his recovery so that he can get back to planning SKEPTICON III as soon as possible (for those who are unfamiliar, Skepticon is the midwest’s largest gathering of like-minded people expressing the same sentiments to each other over and over for the purpose of advancing civilization).

    Basically, I think our solution lies with isolation and containment. In short, those who refuse to accept reality should be relocated to designated sequestration zones. There they can be assigned to public works projects and other duties that will enable them to serve humanity rather than hinder its progression with the continued proliferation of irrationality. With the passage of time, the productivity and utility of sequestrates will of course diminish due to illness, old age, and general unfitness for labor. At this point, we can compassionately and humanely sunset them. Within a few generations we should be able to begin phasing out the sequestration zones. In the mean time, humankind can continue to evolve without hindrance from the superstitious wackos who have anchored us in the dark ages for so long.

    Of course the execution of such an initiative is well beyond the capabilities of a few concerned citizens and the government would obviously need to be involved. Just how might we bring that about?  This I do not know. Perhaps though our wise leader the Zerowing will soon be well enough to enlighten us.

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  • I'm sorry, but there is so much wrong with this post from a rational, logical and factual viewpoint that I could write a book.  But since brevity is the soul of wit, I will be my soulful self.

    My good friend JT, a rising star in the free thought movement

    Free thought is irrational thought. And irrationality describes JT to a T.  Coherent, reasonable thought is governed by the rules of logic proving that real thoughtfulness is not free at all.

    As we antitheists know all too well, the advancement of society has fallen under the grave threat of those who believe differently from us.

    This is an oath of intolerance to ANYTHING that is different.  Furthermore, it is factually incorrect to the point of being an outright lie. 

    Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism and Hinduism outdate atheism by millenia. Consequently it is atheism that is the interloper philosophy that is threatening civil society, not religion.

    I could go on. But my point is clear:  Atheism is a religion of lies, obfuscation and gutter intolerance.

  • JT mesmerizes people with those spinning circle things, maybe he will move to snake handling soon.

  • Or crucifixion might be appropriate. They should be left until the crows have cleaned their bones, so there's no danger of any more resurrections.

    You might like Breaking the Spell by David Denning.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - This guy is joking, right?  

    Not to say he isn't insightful.  but..........

  • @dingus6 - Daniel C Dennett

  • @bakersdozen2 - Unfortunately he's dead serious.

  • I have never believed religion to be the threat, but the people who do not reason or critically think beyond what their religious right taught them. Sometimes people learn to think critically, but only within their religion.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - @bakersdozen2 - I am not the best at recognizing it, but I am 100% certain that this is sarcasm.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Ohhhhhhh, I got it. The Ted Bundy of Xanga

  • @Megan@revelife -   alright.... Honestly, It's really hard to tell these days.  

  • Although I do like JT and think he is indeed a rising star of skeptical thought, I do not support the means in which he goes about it. First off I think that atheism isn't a religion in any way, it's a descriptive word, like red, or low. Second, the very thought that you could convert anyone to 'atheism' is wrong. You don't convert people to non belief, you hope that they would weigh the evidence and remove their own bias toward belief in the supernatural and approach it with an open mind. Third, some people are too intellectual to get past the justification process of belief and become defensive about the subject which only further exacerbate's the problem. Fourth, ridicule and mockery, only vents frustration, it won't change minds. 

    I just don't think the human race as a whole is ready to come to any consensus about religion, or lack of religion. It's a fruitless venture, sure you may convert some to religion, you may talk some out of it, but lets face it, religion isn't going away no matter how hard you work at it. 
    I think the main thrust and the most effective thing to do is to work at getting people to understand that doing the right thing in any situation is not dependent on your religion or lack thereof. It comes through reason, just like anything else. The wright brothers didn't pray a plane into existence, they reasoned it into existence. 
    And reason predates both religion and atheism, to which neither has a claim. 
    I see no problem with anyone having whatever faith they'd like to have, as long as they don't let it spill over to public affairs, it's a private matter. The problem America has right now is there are too many people with too many differing faiths all trying to beat their chest at the same time. Society in America needs to be kept secular and move in a single direction. Too many people think they are under some mandate from God to change the world, unfortunately there are just too many brands of God to settle on any one of them. So like Occam said, remove that which only complicates things, it's just not needed. If people want to follow their own religion in  private manor, then they should all be moral enough to agree upon the right thing to do without an evangelistic pissing contest.  

  • @bakersdozen2 - Ohhhhhhh, I got it. The Ted Bundy of Xanga

    My I politely and humbly disagree.  Ted Bundy was smart.  This dweeb ain't got nuthin' on Ted Bundy in the smarts department.

  • Obviously sarcasm...the writing on this blog reminds me of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  • @Da__Vinci -  "I see no problem with anyone having whatever faith they'd like to have, as long as they don't let it spill over to public affairs, it's a private matter."

    Private belief will inevitably spill over to public matters. Secularism is a faith/belief system.  Belief systems are never a neutral prospect.  The mistake is thinking secularism is an objective position.  

  • @bakersdozen2 - What I mean is that public affairs should be a place of neutrality, instead of a place where faiths do battle with each other. I think we'd see more business taking place instead of fighting over issues which have no bearing on our nation and it's current crisis.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - I don't need smarts. I rely on JT for my intellect.

  • @SKANLYN - Skip the intellect then.  If JT is involved you're lost unless all you want is another beer.

  • I feel this is sounding a lot like the flip side of the same coin.

  • @storyslut - Whatever that means.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Put him down all you want but it's pretty obvious that you have a crush on him.

  • @SKANLYN - JT and His Wing Nut Zeroes put themselves down by crowing ingrained, 100 proof stupidity day after day.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Yet I don't see a denial in your reply so I guess it's true - you do have a crush on him. Perhaps the reason you're so down on equal rights with regard to marriage has nothing to do with religion after all. Could it instead be the fear that you would forever lose your chances with him were he allowed to marry his boyfriend?

  • @SKANLYN - don't see a denial in your reply so I guess it's true

    I only acknowledge hallucinations by calling them hallucinations.

  • @SKANLYN - How many of you are there?  Well, take a count and then pick one of yourselves.

    The one you pick is the one with the hallucination.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Why would I be hallucinating you having a crush on JT? I'm the one who can appreciate what you got and what you got baby is what I need. Why don'tcha come on over and give it to me?

  • @SKANLYN - What you need is a swift kick in the crotch.  And I'm just the Amazon to give you what you need so badly.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Aw yeah! Now we talking! I love Amazons - especially brutal ones who will kick me in the nuts, spit on me, make fun of my pee pee, then force me to do naughty thinks to them!

  • @SKANLYN - Oh be good and put that slavering tongue of yours back in the scurvy mouth of yours.

  • @kirbym - If you're tired go to bed asshole. 

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Back in my mouth? Is that really where you want my tongue?

  • @SKANLYN - LMAO, Are you trying to give that bitch a stroke? I hope you do.

  • @Da__Vinci - Stroke is what I do when I look at her photo.

  • @SKANLYN - Back in my mouth? Is that really where you want my tongue?

    Though you deserve a good tongue lashing for your insolence I suspect you'd rather enjoy it.  So I will refrain.

  • @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace - Oh come on now, you know you wanna!

  • You sir are a child rapist.

  • I'm going to rec this, pop a bag of popcorn, and come back to watch.  LOL

  • @tendollar4ways - Maybe technically but, to quote Whoopi Goldberg, "it wasn't rape rape".

  • @Da__Vinci -  I stand corrected! Thanks.

  • Must be pretty stifling living with your head so far up in your buddy JT's anus like that.

  • @blonde_apocalypse - If my head has to be up somebody's anus, his is definitely my preference.

  • @SKANLYN - Wow.  That's...considerably more self-honest than I expected.  Mazel Tov, I guess?

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